Fear of Flying


I can fly this aeroplane by myself

but I don’t have to land it alone.

11 thoughts on “Fear of Flying

    • I love it, I can see you flying the plane (for some reason I picture you wearing gargles and a Hermes scarf 🙂 I think we both have the ability to land it, and have done so many times without any crash landings, I guess it’s just the believing in ourselves that is the main skill. Much love in return, Harlon


      • Yes!! You nailed it! That is exactly what i would wear 😉 Actually before my friend got a jet he had a little plane, a Cirrus, and the WHOLE PLANE had a parachute!! I was pretty sure I could land that one. Oh…and I just had a thought…what if we as humans knew that no matter what we had a “parachute?” Oh…yes…I forgot…WE DO!! Have a brilliant week, Harlon 🙂 ♡

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    • Well said JoAnna, I forgot that sometimes I do want or feel the need to fly solo, but that doesn’t mean that I am truly alone. I am about to serenade you with “You Are The Wind Beneath My Wing” but I’ll spare you the vocals and send you the sentiment. Hugs, Harlon


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