I am a smart guy

I  can do anything

I’ve always been that way.

I’ve had my health issues

I have all my lifetime.

It’s hard to shine at something

when you are putting a lot of energy into surviving

and, in return, not given anything.

I can still shine

but I need your support and your patience

some good old mentoring and capacity building,


accommodating what’s working against me.

Making room for me to be me

like you would for anybody,

but you’re not.

20 thoughts on “Accommodations

  1. You know your strengths and your challenges. You are willing to feel and express your feelings. You know what you need and you are able to ask for what you need. You persevere. These are just a few of the things that make you shine. Surround yourself with people and things that are good for you. I’m cheering for you and glad to be part of your blogging family. Peace to you, Harlon.

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    • You are in. I see you in Majorette boots and spinning a button and smiling. I didn’t even notice if you were in step, but I am pretty sure you were and everyone else was just a tad off! Thanks for the sweetness, Harlon


    • I like that, although I saw you first as more Angie Dickinson and Martini and Rossi and that you were going to suggest I hit the tequilla. Your advice is much more potent. Thanks as always for what has been in quantity a very long time and in quality is means a lot to me too pal! Love, Harlon


  2. I am running security for you, Harlon. Going ahead and making way. Clearing out the path for you to be you. What a stupendous activity! To go in advance of this joyous parade!


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    • I don’t think I ever had a nickname growing up and no one gave me a friendship bracelet. This is the friendship bracelet, thank you for the joy it brings me. Harlon

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    • Thank you for adding to my inventory – I am feeling good and it feels good to have people cheering for me. I would like to connect. I have set June 15th as my arbitrary get all appointments (medical) lists of things to do shred and take the rest of the summer off and embrace what feels to be embracing me. Look forward to then. Countdown to summer is on! Hugs, Harlon

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  3. Hello my beautiful friend!! I see you shining…I have always seen your light! The day that you turn a corner and your shadow follows you…you will look for the sun but it won’t be there. Because you will realize that the only reason you can see your shadow is because of your own light!! Love you…sending thoughts of beauty ❤ ❤

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    • Thanks Lorrie – I am enjoying the new awareness and gentleness I can find for myself. This post was a toned down “fuck you” letter to a certain corporation – so my advocate/activist side was feeling like it needed to be expressed. I think everybody should be given a fair chance in life and if we can begin with our children and instill that value, then I will be one happy camper. Oh bother 🙂 Harlon


      • Then I would say it was VERY toned down 😉 As I have composed a few myself of late…I can only say mine need more work! I love that you are enjoying awareness…and gentleness…it is so important. A giant hug ❤

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