When The Good Is Gone

I have always tried to be good

but it seems there were always people

trying to do me bad.

Was I asking for it?

Were they looking for it?

Questions, answers unknown.

I have always tried to be good

but I think the good is gone.

I mourn the loss,

I cry my tears

I try to own up

I try to face my fears

but I think

after all I have been through

the good is gone.

27 thoughts on “When The Good Is Gone

  1. Hello sweet Harlon! Long, long time since I have been here, and feel like any words that I can give you will fail, so I will simply send you the tightest hug that I can muster up.

    The good is never gone, sometimes we just miss it, and need to remember that it never leaves us, it just makes us work harder to see it. I’ve seen the dark, and the not so good days, as you know….please reach out if you feel inclined. Lots of love, Serena

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    • Dear Serena, hearing from you put such a smile on my face, I have missed you and our connection. Your words and YOU are important to me – and I agree, the good isn’t gone, it’s just hiding – and so the work is to rediscover and reconnect with it. I know that we can relate to a lot of things in the same way and that alone is good, I feel less alone, less disconnected. What is it they say….the only constant is change, so what might seem bad and can be turned into good. As I move forward I try to be able to accept both for what they are. Thanks again for your message. I hope you are well. Love, Harlon

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      • I have missed you too, Harlon, more than words can express! It’s been over three years since I’ve been here on WP, and being back here I feel so out of the loop. Never the less, I am restarting my blog either today, or tomorrow, and will start writing again very soon. Life has taken me on so many twists and turns, but recently I realized that I needed to hit the reset button and redesign my life in a way where I can care for myself now. We matter too, you know? I’ve always felt a great connection with you, like kindred spirits, so hearing from you and knowing you are doing okay has lightened my heart. You are never alone, and you’ve never been far from my thoughts even over the past years. A few breaths of kindness to yourself will do wonders for your spirit, and know that you are loved by many, especially me! hug

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        • Dear Serena. I too feel a connection with you that I can’t quite put into words. I look forward to hearing your writing and your words and thoughts again soon.
          It seems we are on the exact same page, I have been struggling a lot the last few weeks and interestingly enough, I had the same approach as you. It’s time to hit the “reset button” – they are the exact words I have been using in my therapy along with the conversations I have with myself, which are many.
          I hope your health is being managed and I am honoured to be “resetting” with you.
          Love, Harlon

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          • Dearest Harlon, sometimes hitting reset is all we can do to find the clear path laying ahead of us. I had become so discombobulated that I didn’t know my up from my down, my left from my right, lol. I’m still in the resetting mode, and working on the design up ahead. Let’s make it an adventure 🙂

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  2. Thank you for writing. I have missed you, too. The good is not gone, just hard to see sometimes. Watch out for words like “always” and “never.” They are rarely true. Cry the tears and ask the questions, even if the answers are slow to come. Get outside and look for the gifts of the earth that have helped you see the good.

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    • Thank you JoAnna, your insight has been really helpful. Words like always and never are something to be cautious. You reminded me that the the universal laws of probability are that good things will happen in my life just as difficult things will. I’ve learned from you to accept both. Difficult times will pass and are an opportunity for learning and reflection and the good times are the wonderful moments where I can feel gratitude as well as to remind myself that when I get outside and connect with my environment the good becomes more abundant. I really appreciate how your insight helps illuminate my path, through darkness and through light. Much love, Harlon

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    • Thank you Carolyn, and I agree that writing is so cathartic. By simply releasing these words into the universe, goodness has returned – and thank goodness for you and your kindness and attention. Much love, Harlon

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  3. I know that is not truth!
    Truth is that what shines from your soul, the light that is magnificent, is merely being covered with earthly happenings. I know who you are…I know you have been through a lot…and I know that the light will gain intensity and shine love on you! ❤
    I miss you…I think of you often…and I keep you in loves embrace! ❤

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    • Dear Lorrie, yes indeed you know me well and I treasure our connection so profoundly. Sometimes I feel I simply need to send out thoughts doubt, fear and anxiety to the universe and what returns is love and light. Thank you for being those for me. I also think of you often and will contact you to let you know where I have been and where I am at. Love, Harlon


      • I’m so happy to hear from you, Harlon! I have thought of you often and I always keep you in my thoughts…surrounded in white healing light! I look forward to hearing from you. Know you always matter to me!
        Much love,

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    • Thank you Akhila, yes I was caught up in a difficult time, and I suppose I needed to hit rock bottom so that I could be inspired and also be self-motivated to hit the “reset” button so that I could return to a state of wellness of the mind and of the body. Thank you for your message. Truly. Harlon

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  4. I don’t believe that is possible. Your heart is to deep with love for others and yourself. there is no giving up. Please email me back, you’ve been avoiding me. I need/want to so badly want to know how life is going. It doesn’t sound good right now. Hugs

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  5. Harlan, the good is not gone. It is merely in hiding. It is time to open the darkness and once again surrender to Love, the sound that turns on the Light. You are Love, loved and cared for by me and many others. It is time to remember that Loving transcends time and place moving effortlessly through space.

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    • Thank you Lynnclaire, your response genuinely resonated with me. Indeed, the good is hiding, perhaps just around the corner. My writing is a way of being mindful so that I can see it and embrace. Lynnclaire, you know you appeared in my life as if it were magic – for that I am truly grateful. Much love, Harlon


    • Thank you Dominique, I agree, sometimes we have to go through the darkness and allow it to be and then find the light again with renewed strength and gratitude. Your friend, Harlon
      P.S. I am planning a visit to Paris this autumn. 🙂


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