Setting Preferences


I know that you are out there

I can’t help but wonder where you are at.

I wish there was a way to find you

other than posting my profile on an an line-dating app.

How do we spend time together

when I feel such disconnect?

This is not what I expected

but I have become a nervous wreck.

How do I stop the isolation 

when I am distant from most stuff?

Do I believe in “meant to be”.

Two diamonds in the rough?

Some things are better left to chance,

others suggest I want to be alone.

I am not giving up hope,

sometimes I just want to stay up late, talking on the phone.

11 thoughts on “Setting Preferences

  1. Hello my friend! I feel your longing in this post. Believe it, Harlon. Believe that you will indeed find your soul mate. I send you a balanced energy to help you sort out the chaos and feel that you deserve love. You always have mine! ❤

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  2. Like Val wrote, keep focusing on the good possibilities of finding a like minded soul. That’s what worked for me. In the meantime, I had to learn to love myself well, focus on friendship and grow spiritually as my partner was doing the same – becoming ready for our paths to converge. Trust the timing.

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  3. You’ve foound true love before! You will find a friend, a partner and maybe true love again. Right now is harder than ever. You just got well and come out of a deep depression then COVID hit us. The timing of COVID sucks!!!!!!!! But I know you are a great man and know someone will see the good in you that I do. Hugs.

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