Permission To Dream


I am thinking about making things happen and I am making them happen. There’s a buildup of energy inside of me. There is energy that needs to be released.

My inner voice steps in and talks because I am not OKAY inside and the inner voice talking releases that energy as it narrates my world.

My inner voice is like the diva with the microphone that keeps on talking. Then I come along, the me that observes and acts and I say to the inner voice “just try to find a common ground, a place for me to rest”.

Then the voice starts yelling at the voice. The inner voice says “one is this and the other isn’t.”

As I examine the differences between my experiences with the outside world and my interactions with my mental world, it feels like I am living two different lives, but the inner world is an alternative environment and I can get It under my control.

My life feels like a patchwork and none of the pieces are connected.  But I did create them.

There are things now that I want to do. I can create a sense of flow and that has been missing, it’s what I want, but it’s being overshadowed by you-know-who.

The inner voice continues but I have given myself permission to dream.

I look in the mirror and the mirror allow me to see myself from different angles. That is me that I see and I know who. I am just got distracted.