Where was I?

I suppose I was just killing time.

I was just thinking,

just wondering what’s going on in my mind.

I feel it sinking, then I feel it floating.

I was afraid, then I feel hope,

but I had no rhyme or nor reason why.

Life is loss and life is always changing,

life is about finding our ways to cope.

Sometimes life is about replacing

and there is no scientific equation to  say that I am gaining

that I am winning the game,

taking each day step by step seems like my best strategy.

Yes, it’s discovering the “why”.

What’s to win?

There is no finish line,

yet somehow I continue to keep me eye

on some kind of prize.

I think that all there is, is to rise with the sun

and set amongst the stars

and to not compare ourselves to others

because we are all struggling

and we all have come so far.