Never Ending Waves of Change

Who am I now?

And then why am I asking that question NOW?

One would think that I would have figured all that out by now.

I haven’t and will I ever?

Does any one?

Is this what THE JOURNEY is all about? Perhaps I should learn to keep things simple, because if you take life, one day at a time, it creates a comfort.

It becomes very DOABLE.

Do I complicate things because static for me becomes stagnant.

I have been completely invested in every moment if this life.

I guess I am just wondering, what’s my RATE OR RETURN.

10 thoughts on “Never Ending Waves of Change

  1. hi mate , long time i tried to reach u on ur cell and email hope u keeping safe , anyway after quite a break ive resumed writing again , i would’nt mind a little shout out from ur end

    peace (livingsoul2016)

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  2. “If you take life, one day at a time, it creates a comfort.” I believe you’re on to something good there! As for asking, “Who Am I, now?” If we are growing, then the answer changes slightly with time. I believe there are core values (like a love of nature) that remain, but it’s normal for roles to change. Asking “Who Am I, now? and who do I want to be? helps us prioritize. I love that photo overlooking the gleaming water to the horizon. Enjoy the gifts of the present!

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  3. I’ve had to ask myself this question a thousand times and decided it’s better to focus on what I can do today. Yesterday, 20 years ago was a blessing and a part of my journey but so is today. I just like you work to make the best of each day even when it’s not such a great day. I love seeing you out of the house! Hugs.

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