Mind Fall

What is this feeling?

Is this what if feels like to be bent over backwards?

It’s just another feeling I can’t decipher

at least for now, but maybe after.

Does it really matter?

If I leave it unattended to, what will happen after?

All I can do is try my best to describe my feelings to you.

I don’t want you to worry about me

because that means I will worry about you.

That leads to awkward laughter.

I feel like I am a cliff’s edge

like a cliff in Dover.

My name is Cliff, someone said to me once,

why not just drop over.

It’s awkward, yes, but what would you rather.

I am at cliff’s edge

and there is this pull for me to jump over

I don’t want to jump but I feel it pulling

I feel I have no control over my thoughts

but at least I do over my actions.

I am at my cliff’s edge

and the best thing for me to do

is to mindlessly fall over.

So there’s my ever after.