Transparent, allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.


As we move forward to our destination, there is much to learn from the past.  The future is an extension of who we were and what we wanted and needed to be happier and healthier than we felt before.

2006 may seem like ancient history, but the legislation that follows was truly visionary, it was a result of determination, commitment, collaboration, consultation and evidence that supported that these steps would improve the quality and efficiency of one element of our complex healthcare machine, drug therapy.  It literally took blood, sweat and tears for this to have happened.

It’s history now, and as we move forward with healthcare reform, look in the rear view mirror and observe.

Did you notice this?

Transparent Drug System for Patients Act, 2006

The Transparent Drug System for Patients Act passed third and final reading on June 19, 2006. This legislation is part of the government’s plan to reform the provincial drug system and deliver better value for money to the taxpayers of Ontario. The government plan is expected to save up to $277 million per year. These savings will be reinvested into the provincial drug system to support improved patient access to drugs. The government’s plan includes :

  • Achieving significant savings through volume discounts for all drugs purchased for the Ontario Drug Benefit Program
  • Improving patient access to drugs through new conditional listings, Exceptional Access, and rapid reviews of innovative drugs
  • Listening to the views of Ontarions through a new Citizen’s Council that will advise the Ministry on the social aspects of drug policies and priorities
  • Strengthening transparency by giving patients a role in drug listing decisions of the Committee to Evaluate Drugs
  • Recognizing the valuable role of pharmacists in patient care by paying them for enhanced patient counselling and other professional services
  • Utilizing the expertise of  Ontarians pharmacists through a new Pharmacy Council to advise the Ministry and the Executive Officer of the public drug programs
  • Freeing doctors of the burden of paperwork associated with Section 8 drugs

The province’s Ontario Drug Benefit program provides drug coverage for the 2.2 million Ontarians who are seniors or who receive social assistance or provincial disability support.

This act enabled change.

How do we identify change?  How is it measured?  How do we know when change is good? How do we quantify the qualitative?

Are we honouring the vision  of those that stuck with it?  

Where can we speak about our mistakes and learn from lived experiences?

I think we should be asking ourselves if I am helping in creating a better health care system for the next generation than the care I received? 

The future is now, I was stuck in traffic and the cheque is in the mail.

I am lost in the moment.



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