The Road Seems Steep

The road may seem steep
I take one step at a time
I always have
and will continue to do so
each step is forward
each step is one step
a step forward in my time.

Day to day
is how I live my life
loving and laughing
longing and searching
for what has been
lost over time
and what awaits me ahead
things recovered
and discovering new finds.

The climb seems steep
but I have the strength
to be strong again
to overcome
at least the road is not going downhill.

I like a good challenge
I enjoy the thrill
I am moving on
I am climbing the hill.

I am letting go
of this and that
simplifying my space
clearing the clutter
untangling the past.

I can see thing and hear things
things that bring joy
I can taste and smell things
that remind me of the value of my life
and so I can touch things
and feel how they are
instead of as what they appear
because my life is dear.

I am not where I thought I would be
but I have never been less alone
and intersected
friends and family
I feel supported
that is what makes me strong.

There is stuff on my mind
I wish it would go away
this is where I am
and I am doing well
I am happy with me.

I can’t stop thinking
be it this or that
in this moment I am thinking of a world
that includes us all
and I know I like that.

When I stop to catch my breath
and enjoy the view
stopping means resting
and resting keeps me strong.

I can laugh at my stumbles
accept the reflection that is mine
because I am taking my steps
one step at a time
I am living my life
one day at a time.

I am climbing that hill
I am feeling more than OK
I find exploring joy in this life
and I am enjoying the ride.

by Harlon Davey and those that helped him feel this way, May 20, 2014.

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