Stakeholder Relations


I was just a few fresh words

nothing more than commons sense

I was a PowerPoint presentation

that ended with a picture of New Zealand.


The same perspective seemed different

coming from another hemisphere.

A Maori quote

Te mutanga ranei te take

meaning both the beginning and the end

placed mindfully

not strategically.


I was just one puzzle

that you picked up

drawn to the scenery

captivated by history

which you never studied

nor really cared for

experience is something you cannot grasp

and that frustrated you.


Come what may

come what will.


You took me apart in pieces

assembly you said in no kind words

was not included.


I am just a breath of fresh air

that stirs the night’s frustration

carrying the scent of Nicotianas

and adolescence.


You shut the window.

You can’t stand the rain.



you may take that puzzle

cautiously carefully


and still unresolved




you might on a stale night

cry for rain or wish for a breeze.



and camouflaged;

survival is for the fit

you can never be healthy if you are not happy

and you turned me into an

n of 1.


by Harlon Davey

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