In 50 days, I turn 50.

For a while there, it looked a bit touch and go.

It has been a lot of work, and waves have crashed on me, crashing me to the bottom of the turquoise blue sea, waves that I surfed, rising on the crest.

waves fall
memories splash
brief sparkles
I reach out
but they have fallen back
to the original body of water

Now I touch.

Off I go into the home stretch of my journey to rediscover good health, wellness and joy.

Here are my goals for the home stretch because place and show are not an option.

Four appointments with a osteopath for treatment.

Join a gym that I can walk to so that I can:

Do 30 minutes of cardio (on an elliptical trainer or similar device that has low impact) three times a week.

Create a regimen of working with weights to build mass in biceps, forearms and pecs and commit to it every other day for six days, then take a two-day break and repeat the cycle.

Take a yoga class once a week to improve flexibility and core strength and to be good to myself. I am going to start with hot yoga since there is a studio within walking distance.

Drink one litre of water a day.

Let’s throw in an herbal detox and cleansing, I like Wild Rose myself.


Have fun.

Be myself.

Believe in karma.

Get a haircut and colour from the stylist I used to see at Bob & Paige.

Book a trip to California.

Adjust accordingly.

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