Blue light
porch light
sitting under the composite sky
thinking to myself
Travis is not just your everyday guy

Airplanes smear
flights are transatlantic
across the last-call sky
and I’m thinking of
Travis’ lips smearing against mine

Super model
man about town
pie in the sky
Intersecting at the intersection
I like it when we kiss and Travis looks me in the eye

Life is for travelling
Estimated arrivals, never on time

When I ask for his autograph
I hope he signs it
I want to make you mine

Mystery man

Red headed
Curious George
Jack in the box
Bright light shine

Lost in the forest we find a glade
I would build him a fire
so the clear becomes the sky
When I am not myself he asks me who am I?
I will never underestimate Travis because he is not an everyday guy

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