Cardinals’ Rule


In the small town that I am in now I am home.  In the small town that I am, people smile when I walk by.  They smile and say hello and I have stopped wearing headphones and started to smile and listen to the greetings.  In the vehicles others pass, drive thru ahead and GPS.  I listen to cardinals.  I know their song so well.  I love the way the goldfinches fly, they flitter by in the sky above the garden full of butterflies.  In the town that I am in I can see the stars shine and aeroplanes fly at night.  In the town that I am in is the house where I live. I feel safe when I am home because this is the house where I was born.  I live at home with my mother so she can take care of me. I moved home to be caregiver for my Mother. I moved home because I had nowhere else to go. My mother is getting older and it is harder for her to get around. There is no place like home.  I am sleeping in the room where I endured treatment.  I went home and was haunted by the ghosts of side effects and my dog who lost his best friend.  I moved home again to be with my mother because I had no other choice. My heart is where my home is at.  Near the house that is home the streets are wide.  The sidewalks are often empty so they roll them up at night.  There are two homeless people who I see about town. They are homeless but they live near the Tim Horton’s by the liquor store. There are two homeless people in a town that is small.  Two homeless people is two too many in a town that is my home and has the house where I was born and the home of people who are living and who will not die alone.

6 thoughts on “Cardinals’ Rule

    • Thanks, that was such a great thing to hear. I put out my words and thoughts and often they are scattered but they are me are inspired by what I see or what I intuit, there is that moment of anxiety when I hit “publish” and I wonder, how do I sound. Truth is, I have finally hit that point in my life, I believe they call it life experience, where that doesn’t concern me and it will not censor me. Off I go into the wild blue yonder. over the sofa and into the sink…or other destinations. Thanks for the support, it keeps me airborne longer.


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