Populus tremuloides

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Or Ideas for pharmaceutical industries to demonstrate innovation then turned over and into blank backs of new clean one sided-pages to print on that then turn into a lot of humming to myself as I get older.


October 6, 2011
I am on the beach and crying and what I love about me is that I know why I am crying.
It’s never overwhelming, it’s about the experience without the thought or expression.
I love that I notice nature.
I am watching monarch butterflies embark on a journey that astounds.
Truly astounding.
Just saw a wild turkey, kind of freaked me out. replaced quickly by “way to go  buddy”.
What are Qualudes, I’ve heard of them but don’t know what they are? Must have been another baby boomer feat.
I tried Ritalin for fun once.
Change mind set, absorb the sensual soft glow of natural light, flattering joyful sun waxes or wanes low in the sky high.
Singing Moon River.
Rose Marie to block.
Patti Labelle again under a trembling aspen transcending me.
Took a nap and woke up with a deer nearby.
No, haven’t thought about Lime disease.
If I do I go straight to jello molds and suspended pineapple bits.
Picnics are my theme.
I love that I have a strong awareness of the connection between the mind and the body.
Alyssa Shaw. 
So far away,
Points in between.
Status report: September 22, 2014  Where did I put my glasses?

4 thoughts on “Populus tremuloides

    • Thank you, I wasn’t too sure where I was going with this, other than my own migration of sorts – well said my friend,emotions can make a mess of feelings – that gave me a sense of balance for lack of a better work, onward we go. Being and experiencing the phenomenons. Enjoy yours and thanks again for taking the time to write such a pithy comment, it balanced me, yes, but it lifted me. Ta da! Harlon


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