I am stepping out of one life and into another

it is a step in the right direction but it feels downwards

that is my conclusion.

I am settling in, I have settled down

it seems I am settling for less than I deserve

and that is cause for some confusion.

I am in the moment at this moment

it’s unclear to me why this moment is so scary

I am afraid and hope this moment is  only my illusion.

I am living in the present tense

and living in the present feels pretty tense

that is why I am uncertain if I will ever find a solution.


One thought on “Echolocation

  1. Harlon, believe it or not, there’s a wonderful mathematical rule called the “Uncertainty principle” that might help at the moment. It reminds us that there’s a variety of inequalities that play out in our lives, and the result is that there’s a necessary limit to how precisely we can be simultaneously aware of our linked variables even though they are in fact, complementary, While most people think of this as applying only to our physical nature, connecting say where we are and location and the speed we’re travelling (or even being stuck), I’m sure it equally applies to our emotional, mental, instinctual, temporal and spiritual realities all of which link our inside and our outer world. Self-awareness, knowing that you are and understanding that you are loveable,is the source of empathy, and when you express it the world knows that your deserving is what makes you capable of amazing service, your blog for instance. Harlon, keep your eyes, heart, head and hands open and Love, the Source by any other name, will lead you through the miasma that often times feels miserable. I know this state VERY well and also know that where we find ourselves is often equally miraculous. Keep writing! It’s is a wonderful way to find your way through life. Your expressing yourself while doing emotional braille is a benefit for many. Lynnclaire


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