Strength and Prudence and I


I think I may have mentioned that for fun I selected one card from my deck of Tarot cards for each month over the next year and I started that in September.

It’s not hocus pocus, but I find the cards I choose can be interpreted in some way that can act as an additional tool to draw from while I craft a month of successful stages of settling in.

The 9 of Wands suggests the following for me:


defending yourself
assuming ill will
expecting the worst
taking extra precautions
being paranoid
feeling wary and guarded
protecting others
remembering past attacks
persisting despite all setbacks
refusing to take “no” for an answer
seeing something through to the end
getting knocked down, then standing up
keeping your resolve
trying repeatedly
showing stamina
continuing despite fatigue
holding fast
drawing on hidden reserves
holding together through force of will
demonstrating physical strength
keeping up the pace

For the month of December the secret passwords for me will be:

  • Afraid
  • Cautious
  • Defensive
  • Impermanent Security
  • Inner strength

And to end today on a positive note, music is a tool that I draw upon to give me strength and joy. Check out the sound of strength and joy.

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