1. firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

  2. “companies must have patience and persistence,but the rewards are there” 


Excuse me please, I should not be here,
I am feeling sick stuck in the layer
of a stack of files and binders
duplicated health, deleted care.
Return to work, visionware, and dental
My case worker says take care of your affairs,
reminding me cashing in my locked-in RSP is income
so take self-improvement courses in pairs.
In the job interview I am afraid too smile
because I don't know what will come out my mouth.0
It's the window to your health so open wide
your wallet and find out how much are smiles really worth?
Going with the flow, living playfully
is starting to feel like a lot of goddamn work for me.
Consumer gets consumed by the currency
and moves towards taxes and the other inevitability.
There will always be sunshine, it may already be here.
I was told the biggest obstruction is me.
When everywhere there is darkness and obscurity,
I can find the light through cognitive behavioural therapy.
I know what doesn't kill me is what makes me stronger
and experiential knowledge is what navigates me.
With introspection and relaxation, I have nothing to fear,
but climate change and living in dignity.

You said I was empowered 
so that makes me the CEO of my surgery.
The patient/doctor transaction provides the best ROI,
it is how to maximize the health utility.
Incompetent, incontinent,
everyone agrees that there needs to be a change.
The stories that patients tell, our narrative,
is evidence based, but has no value on the stock exchange.
Universal health care
is news to me
The Health Care Act
was an insurance policy.
When you move too fast you overlook a lot
carbon dated records that need to be filed
contain surrogate markers that tend to get lost
and data on what it means to live doesn't get compiled.
I’d like to see us focus on protecting those that have less.
There is a reason why they call us the vulnerable,
difficult to treat means we are meaningless.
I am easy to fix, I don't ask too much
I just need a Social Determinants of Health Specialist.

Getting better means moving on
and that change will just add another layer
meaning more managers holding binders, saying they are busy
duplicating health and deleting care.

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