Joy To Our World.

It’s the end of the year, it’s another day. And I felt compelled to go hard and end 2015 blowing the whistle.

It’s the end of the year, it’s another day. There are big ponds, little bonds.  There are those that thrivine on negtivity and there are those that rise to the occasion

More about what I feel about me, but I wish to honour two contributions to my 2015 which got me to believe in myself when I lost hope, to have hope, when I didn’t believe that anything that would change other than this would end.

Life is meant to be more silly.

Joy to the world.

Do exactly this for exactly three minutes a day.  There are no expectations. Zilch. Nul.

Moving on doesn’t have to haunt us so that the part of our brain that is always aware of the future, our mortality doesn’t have to always be in the shadows, haunted, foghorns and siren songs.

Wherever you wish to rest and relax your mind, allow it to go into the future, your mind needs to busy, so let it explore further shores, the new world is the same world, it is then or now, it is you, here and there, sparkling with pride.You are joy and you carry it well.

You may want to pour yourself a cup of tea for the next, but this is a profoundly moving and powerful project.  You might want to opt for a long island iced tea. Make mine a double.

Thank you to all those that follow your dream and believe in love and hope. Those amazing beautiful creators of the above ” moments” did what we can do, helped me do what I had lost the ability to do. Believe in myself.  Trust in hope.  Continue to dream.  You are all of those things. Someone to believe in. Someone to trust. Someone who illustrates hope. You are all of those things, now, in this moment.  You always have been.

Sweet dreams.

That’s all for now.

E stands for enough said.

— Harlon Davey, on any given day.

5 thoughts on “Joy To Our World.

    • Hey ASH, I hope you’ve zipped yourself back into one piece…I found the videos pretty heavy and moving, but I think there is joy and happiness embedded in the sadness. Think happy thoughts and have a great weekend 🙂 Peace, Harlon


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