The Power Of The Narrative: Gastric Cancer – Stephanie’s Story

Resiliency & Clinical Expertise: Getting The Balance Right.

Stephanie and her story are truly inspiring.

5 thoughts on “The Power Of The Narrative: Gastric Cancer – Stephanie’s Story

  1. Thank you for sharing this video, Harlon. I am pretty angry with medicine right now regarding how my Dad was mistreated before he died. I am an RN, not working due to a LONG story related to a severe back injury, but, to be honest with you, I have seen the horrors in medicine both as a professional and as a patient which in turn, has made me decide I will not work as a nurse again. I struggle to come to resolution over how I feel. When a nurse, I really believed in medicine. I no longer do. Stepahanie’s story brought tears to my eyes and maybe the start of a flicker of Hope in my Heart for medicine. Love, Amy

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    • Thanks Amy for sharing this with me. I too, for similar reasons was becoming frustrated and disenchanted with how healthcare is delivered or not…, this video reminded me that there are success stories and it too gave me some hope and some inspiration along with some tears. I hope the posting was therapeutic, I hope for you that the flicker of hope sustains. Love, Harlon

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      • I HOPE too. There is just so much brutality and tragedy in modern medicine today. I have dedicated my Life to show both vet medicine and human medicine that there is much more to healing then what is being taught to them. I am making headway after many long years of banging my head against the brick wall. I would Love to trust medicine again …. I am keeping this video tucked away in my Heart. Love, Amy

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  2. Great video, Harlon. Thank you for sharing that. It is refreshing to see the positive face of big medicine, the way it’s ultimately all about people, the way the human element runs through it all…


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    • Michael, my friend, I am glad you enjoyed the video. It moved me – it’s nice to see a happy story about a person who discovers hope and find in medicine not just treatment but the courage and the hope to move on with life. My wish is that healthcare retains the care component as it should always be about the people and the human experience.


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