Artificial Heart


My heart pumps blood to all of the organs, tissues, and cells in my body through blood vessels (arteries and veins).

An artificial heart says I care and you’re not alone

it says I will be there when you need me

and reach out, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It says I am a lot like you

but doesn’t have the time

and can’t seem to put a finger on the pulse.

Artificial hearts stop working

just like real ones do.

5 thoughts on “Artificial Heart

    • Hello, I have had that same problem once before with someone’s blog not showing up in my reader. I did the same thing as you, trying to click follow or unfollow. This probably doesn’t sound very sophisticated and it’s like when I call my internet service provider when my internet is down and they say turn it off and then turn it back on and it should work (glad I stayed on hold for 30 minutes for that) but when I tried to follow the blog later, I clicked follow and it worked. Is it working for you – from here, it looks like you are following me but if it’s not working for you, let me know and I will get in touch with WordPress. TGIF XO Harlon

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