My life just is. The factory setting is to self-correct.

Clarity is the treatment for the natural state of my mind.

I swallow my pride and point myself in the right direction.

No more looking for the obvious.

That’s already in sight.

When I have nothing on my mind.

I will be free.

That is when I am at my best and I do my best.

Moving further from my experience.

I drift toward the unknown that I am creating.


5 thoughts on “Antibiotics

  1. Very inspirational. As a yogini, I was taught in an ashram that God is present most when we are clear headed and quiet in our thoughts, the most. This reminded me of that and indeed, it is a daily spiritual practice to take time to not think at all. Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you!


    • Thank you! When I started this blog, it had a healthcare slant to it, but as I write I realize that healthcare is ultimately or should be about allowing people to reach their potential and explore happiness and joy. I still like to use “health care” terminology for my posting titles, just for fun! I am glad you read on. Stay well, Harlon

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