Where do I belong?

2 thoughts on “Outpatient

  1. Dearest Harlon, in so many ways we are all lone wolves. Thankfully that doesn’t mean we have to be lonely. This is the magic of finding our pack, our tribe. Know that for whatever inexplicable reason, since we first connected, the connection I feel with you has strengthened across time and space.Sending Love to you from Israel my friend! Lynnclaire


    • Dear Lynnclaire, thank you so much for your message, I’ve enjoyed letting it was over me – the reassurance of a kindred spirit, stumbled upon by chance but maintained and nurtured and fostered over time and space is truly meaningful to me. Thank you for keeping me in your mind, and oh wouldn’t it be lovely to be in Israel right now, having a coffee and talking about “this and that”. Love received & welcomed and sending love back from Canada. Your friend, Harlon


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