I am alone

with myself in conversations

nobody is listening

to my ruminations

I am quarantined

under nobody’s observations

nobody is thinking about me

why waste time on suppositions

at this very moment, in this existence

I  am alone and living in my chamber of isolations


Harlon Davey, 2015


9 thoughts on “Alie-Nation

  1. Hello my dear friend Harlon! I am sorry that I am reading this so long after you posted it. If you are like me then you post what you are feeling at the moment. Which makes me send wishes that you are feeling more connected at this time. The other thing I know for sure is that there is divine timing…and maybe something I have to say is something you need to hear…today…right now!

    I want you to know that you can contact me any time you need to. I’m not an expert in anything except talking from my heart…and you know that you have touched my heart!! I’ve been away longer than I ever have since I started blogging. It took a lot out of me to post my series and I have been dealing with the emotional healing…and trying to counteract the physical symptoms I have from the stress of the past few weeks. But I am here for you ♡♡ Much love…we are never truly alone my friend ❤

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    • Thank you my dear friend Lorrie, I’ve felt a bit like a balloon that wasn’t tethered to anything and was floating without direction. Your support and loyalty has grounded me and also filled me with such joy that my feel haven’t quite been touching the ground. It’s a nice feeling 🙂
      Yes, we are similar in that I do write what I feel in the moment. At the time I wrote this I was confronting my loneliness – it is how I grow and change, and it is what motivates me to take action and to make change.
      And yes, I believe in divine timing and your comment was what I needed to hear…and to feel in the moment. I am not alone. Sometimes late at night it feels that way, but your comment in the now was a gentle reminder to now dwell in the darkness.
      Stress can be a trigger and hard on all aspects of one’s health. I’m wishing you sunshine, birdsongs and emotional healing and I hope that these words are something that can be good for you…now…in this moment that we are sharing.
      Much love in return, Harlon


      • Thank you so much, my dear sweet friend! I love how you describe your feelings as a balloon that is not tethered. I know that feeling. And I also know, because of your words here, that you are working through it. And that is what this life is all about, isn’t it? I said to someone I love last night, “It is okay to feel what you feel!” In actuality, honoring that is what makes us grow!

        Thank you for your beautiful wishes. I would describe my past few months as life altering change…for the better! But while going through the transformation I felt a lot like the “Incredible Hulk.” Remember when his muscles would start to grow and they would break through his normal sized clothing leaving them tattered and shred? It can be a bit exhausting to break through, but I am so grateful for all that I have learned.

        Much love to you, Harlon ❤ I hope you tether to a spot that exudes enlightenment!!

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  2. Hi Harlon,

    The photo is especially poignant with the words. You are being thought of, my friend. The poets and saints are working double shifts. May your moment wash out into the sea, to join again with every other moment, each linked to each in fluid perpetuity. (Also, there are dolphin jokes that pass through those waves from time to time. Very funny, those guys. Very chatty.)


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    • Thanks Michael your comment was particularly fitting. Yes, my writing was a moment, sometimes that moment goes into reruns, but it always washes away and sticks less to me and becomes more of a bridge or perhaps an isthmus between other moments. Dolphins are quite amusing, and I often get a chuckle out of myself when I think to myself that I can’t find my purpose in life but maybe it’s a type and I am really looking for my porpoise in life 🙂 Isthmus be my lucky day – thank you for abetting that.Peace, Harlon


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