Further Direction


When you are in pain, you understand who you are and nobody else can.
Harlon Davey, 2015

9 thoughts on “Further Direction

    • I think that’s important – to keep whatever may seem difficult in the moment in perspective because there is so much joy in life – let’s never lose sight of that. Agreed? Your pal, Harlon

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    • Thanks for you comment, it got me doing some serious pondering: do we change or do we become what we really are? Or is that what “change” is, the exploration of and the arrival at our “true self:? Peace, Harlon

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  1. So true, Harlon. But I also think, as we sit with and embrace our pain, we discover the passage to the graceful heart of being we all share… Sometimes there is richness that emerges from touches the deepest root of who we are, and I hope that is what you are discovering my friend…


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    • Thanks Michael, and I wonder if I should have typed “boom” at the end of that posting as it does seem like I threw it down pretty hard. I think by sharing the feeling of pain “in the moment” and the feeling of complete separation, I am then able to escape the isolation as I emerge from the self-embrace and then connect outwards to others. I don’t know if that quite made sense, but as I like to say to myself in moments of uncertainty; “trust the process”. Your trusting friend, Harlon

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