Trusting the process and having faith can sometimes feel exactly like impatience or frustration; the former is the same as the latter but with better lighting.
Sometimes it is as fundamental as how I regard things. I can look at the discontent I find myself in or I can step back  and see that my disenchantment is just a fragment of a bigger picture.
I can choose to expand the frame I place around my perspective and see a grander design. My melancholy is one creative stroke of a brush on a very busy canvas. 
Wherever it is I feel I need to get to is somewhere that I already am. What I can do is expand my scope of vision.  I am here because there is no where else I can be.

3 thoughts on “Reframing

  1. Harlon, your writing in this one pings with clarity and insight. I love your description of faith as impatience with better lighting… The way you write here, it speaks to the feeling I have inside when I reflect on what it means to “heal”… I think it is like you have written here… to move fully in the spaces only we can occupy…


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