Rise and Shine


2 goldfinches

flit and fly

fitting through the branches of the maple tree

the leaves are fulfilling

leaving room

flight paths

and all ways of life

always getting around

I sit back and have a coffee

have a sip and think about this

and that which

hellebores in pink, lime and purple

tulips only red so far

tulip tree over the fence

opens and spreads

spilling over


filling space

feeling fulfilled

a sense of grace

leaving room

petal paths

life passes by

narcissus on the way

narcissus in love with their own reflection

if I were one

I would too

reality is reaching

beyond the virtual

why augment life

sitting back

sipping coffee

2 goldfinches flit and fly

I take a breath

I stretch a little

enjoying the scenic route

without having to drive

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