Penthouse Letters #3


When I think about the reality of my future, I don’t know where to start.

Harlon Davey – 2015

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5 thoughts on “Penthouse Letters #3

  1. Start with your soul, dear heart. Listen to the voice that speaks from inside….for me it is like a “feeling” in my heart/solar plexis area, yet I hear it in my mind. It is the voice that speaks the truth…ALWAYS. It tells us when we are on track and it screams in defiance when we fall off. It can cause a lot of health issues when we are not in tune with it. Know, that you KNOW…you have always known. For some reason we spend a lot of time not honoring this truth…but it is never too late!! Much love to you my friend…I am sending brilliant white healing energy! ❤


    • Thanks Lorrie, I have something similar to the “feeling” you speak of, I’m not able to describe it as eloquently other than feeling a sense of joy because in that moment I am connected to who I am. This posting stems from the fear of the future, and as I often do, I try to capture what I think many of us are feeling, that sense of uncertainty of the future. I live in the moment, but my mind does wander….I want to be preemptive so my reality doesn’t become where my mind wanders when it is feeling uncertain. Thank your for illuminating my path Lorrie and you do it so brilliantly, better than a million fireflies 🙂 Harlon


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