“I” Statements #2




some people treat me


I am disposable

7 thoughts on ““I” Statements #2

  1. Your honesty is powerful, Harlon. Sends us each spiraling into our own reactions. Forces a witnessing… A response. Like this: That’s it. I’m growing a beard. Let’s take the whole issue right off the table… 🙂


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  2. Those people who treat you that way are sadly mistaken. I feel we are all unique and our specific skills, talents, perceptions, etc. are valuable, though this is not always recognized.

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  3. Harlon,
    This true statement makes me equally sad and mad. The reason is the profound truth beneath the simple statement and the fact that it applies to everyone’s feelings as not one of us is terminally unique. The tragedy is that we suffer from this illusion, artifice not authenticity, laid on us by others suffering grand delusions and have a need to make someone else feel small so they feel big. This is precisely why I developed the applied science education programme, The BeLonging Projects, now finishing its 11th year in Italy and finally growing into the world. Education and learning must be fun, and for so many teachers and students it was anything but. So it is that classrooms led to offices and boardrooms devolving into places where they are the newest playground for bullies. Without touching the formal academic dimension of learning, BeLonging restores ‘fun’ to the fundamentals of learning, while simultaneously helping kids discover what is authentic to grow and nurture healthy relationships together. The business application is ready; imagine HR being about HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS, no longer dealing with UnHealthy resources…
    I am so happy we’re sharing this space and time!

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  4. A sad thing to feel, and many don’t seem to care :/ sorry I accidentally un followed you when I clicked over to look at your page. Re followed right away.

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  5. I’m hoping this comment goes through. I can never remember my WP access info!

    I just wanted to say I recognize this feeling and I don’t think you are disposable. I know these posts may or may not be representative of you personally but I just wanted to be sure I responded to this. So you know you’re valuable.

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