Tea and Empathy


After taking inventory of my life over the past 24 hours, this is what I have in stock:

* last night, a glass of wine and fireflies sparkling amongst the hydrangea

* this morning, a cup of tea and the punctual arrival of the friendly tiger swallowtail floating and weaving through the backyard

* a near head-on collision with two preoccupied goldfinches

* a surprise fly by of a great blue heron

* the single and spectacular sighting of a hummingbird

There are also the items that pertain to the consumption of my future; lack of employment, my health, sustainability, economical-refill sized uncertainty.

I’ve placed them at the back of the shelving so they are hard to reach.

The splendour of nature leads to brand loyalty and improved customer satisfaction.

7 thoughts on “Tea and Empathy

  1. Good to know you have your priorities straight, my friend. I love the way taking stock of your whole life principally involves observations of the preceding twenty-four hours. I think this is a more beautiful practice than the playful tone of your writing may suggest, for in our presence with these things we remain profoundly real…


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  2. Not a bad inventory my friend!! 🙂 I particularly like the idea of putting some of the things to the back of the shelf 😉 The photo is so beautiful. ..I have drawn a butterfly or two…this one is calling me! ♡

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    • I wholeheartedly agree, I have felt this too – there is logic and meaning on how and why we found each other and I treasure it immensely. Sending love and attentive goldfinches your way 🙂

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