Sabotage The Camouflage


In an awkward

stoned moment

I see there are the 2 pills

that I take 1 x daily

on the bedspread blending in

like glass stones on a pebble beach

I pick them up

looking down through the hair on my forearm

at the two pills I am now cupping in my hand

in this light

in this awkward

stoned moment

I am asking myself

are they all that I am now?

A few more skipped records later

the sound of FM radio

I look again because there’s

3 pills of those


2 of them

if it wasn’t for them

who would I be?

11 thoughts on “Sabotage The Camouflage

  1. Pssh… You can say that about anything! If it wasn’t for the food you eat, you’d be dead! 😅 if it wasn’t for head and shoulders, I’d be itchy! The list goes on!
    But how much of what we do/see/take in is us? Where does us and the universe end? Well, my dear, that’s the rub…it doesn’t end! We are the universe, and it is us! 😄
    Much love to you! Namaste!

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  2. We are all of us dependent upon sustenance and support in various forms are we not Harlon? You are no exception in that, any more than myself or any readers here are. For some it may be a pill or two, for others relationships, or social status, or medical interventions, or belief systems, or ideologies, or neurotic compulsions – the list is endless. None of us exist as islands do we? It seems to me that we are all inter-related and co-dependent in ways that are so often inconceivably complex. Peace, Hariod.

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  3. Bravo Joanne. You said exactly what I thought the instant I read Harlon’s post. Dear Harlon, isn’t it great to know that we are so much more than the fleeting ideas that run screaming through our heads? I long ago learned that the belief, an idea that is static, and that the idea that our ‘thoughts create our reality’ is another existential lie. If my thoughts created my reality I’d have been dead a long time ago, betrayed by my own body, heart or hand; or I’d be wearing prison orange for the countless times the sick idea… “I could kill them…” or “I wish they were dead…” ran through my brain. This is not immoral; it’s just the stinking thinking and attitudinal habits that we, mere mortals, succumb to and suffer from now and again. The good news is that when such nonsense to our attitude sniffer it’s stink usually doesn’t escape our eyes or our mouths. This is important because it’s this kind of attitude that kills gratitude and relationships, quickly taking our body, heart, brain and spirit apart. It destroys inner peace and kills time, these the most precious gifts we have that let us freely experience what Love is really all about. You are loved my friend. Lynnclaire

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