Operating System


I am feeling so lethargic right now and I don’t know why but it’s limiting me from enjoying  a perfect summer day.

I’d rather not think it’s age or laziness.

I am going to unplug myself.

And then plug myself back in after 10 minutes and see if I feel any better.

Control, alt, serenity.

5 thoughts on “Operating System

  1. Superb, Harlon. Be sure and update to the latest Harlon, too. There may be some upgrades downloading in the background you weren’t even aware of that were slowing down the CPU… It was probably working really hard to keep all the processes properly orchestrated in the kernel. (I don’t actually know what a kernel is, but it sounds pretty cool whenever it comes up.) 🙂


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  2. Hello my friend! I know this feeling 😉 Will catch up with you soon…loving this process. I appreciate you and hope your “reboot” works wonders for you. I think sometimes it is okay to just feel tired and go with it (don’t tell anyone…but maybe me saying that is an indication that I am ageing!!) :/ 🙂 ❤

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