I am looking for something better. There’s not much I believe in so why should I bother. If I find something that interests me, it seems to go to nowhere and when someone seems interested in me it goes away like it was never there.

I am working on making things happen. Why should I bother? What am I hoping for? It’ s not going to happen.

I don’t always think that way, so when I think another way, I think there’s a lot of things that still can happen.

It’s not easy. Why should I bother? I am going to keep on moving along. It’s worth the bother to have things to hope for.


11 thoughts on “Accelerate

  1. I’ve been to these places, Harlon. Belief can be fickle and confounding– twisting and turning. My mind tried to meet the challenge of a life crashing in over the sea wall by wondering if we shouldn’t be living more remote from the sea, and in the next breath pointing out matter-of-factly that the sea is our only source of solace. What are we to do!? And so we are conflicted. There’s a way through, and your inner Harlon knows the way. That guy is a first rate geologist, and knows where the bedrock rests… 🙂

    Sending peace, my friend.
    And lots of what Hariod, said.

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  2. I love how writing helps us work through things. I was drawn to your first sentence: “I am looking for something better.” And then there are the questions, the struggle, but you end with, “….to have things to hope for.” I believe things work out better when we hope. I am happier with hope. Not blind, stupid hope, but believing that along with the challenges, good things are coming.

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  3. I am very back on forth about this. Sometimes I think what is the point in anything, everything sucks and then other times I think life is great and everything is awesome. lol

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    • I hope this doesn’t sound trite but I think I feel the same way as you – and I also go back and forth on it. With my writing, I’ve decided not to always write abut the moments when everything is awesome but to capture those moments when I don’t feel that way – I think that’s life, or certainly mine, and writing about when I am doubtful seems to be great therapy because it pushes me back to my factory setting of being hopeful and of believing. Love, Harlon

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  4. The future largely takes care of itself does it not Harlon? Hope has its place in life, yet if left to feed upon itself its power to do good recedes, and it instead becomes pernicious. Stay in balance my friend, you may well discover in time that you had everything you needed for contentedness all along. In kindness and gratitude, Hariod.

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