Driving Myself Crazy


It’s happening again, I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

I hate this feeling

the tires are spinning

and I get racing

and frustrated

 and I don’t allow myself to sit back and watch the mud slinging.

I could take a pill

that would help me chill

or I can trace back that trail

of dirty used oil

back to my vehicle

where I am more comfortable

in park.

11 thoughts on “Driving Myself Crazy

  1. Remember the pit crew, Harlon! We’ve got your back! 🙂 I recommend you take a seat on the bleachers. We’ll put the car up on blocks, and floor the accelerator. The engine will smoke. The chassis will shimmy. The wiper blades will be tested. Going nowhere will take on a whole new light– the wonder of a team event… 🙂


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  2. Oooo. A tree fort sounds like the perfect get-a-way! And finding things to laugh at. Then there’s yoga which I’m always saying I need to do more of…..Good wishes for peace and joy to you Harlon.


    • Maybe we both need to trade in our vehicles – I seem to go from overdrive to stall pretty quickly. Maybe a houseboat would be a nice way to live, or a tree fort? Peace, Harlon


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