In Flight Entertainment

737 Boeing Sky Interior K64711-03

I saw an aeroplane

fly in front of a star

it was so far away

I wonder where it is going?

I was sitting there

all by myself

I wonder if anybody

ever wonders how I am doing?

It is time to call it a night

there is nothing else to do

so I think about falling in love

but I am not to sure what I should be thinking?

I cannot fall asleep

my brain is keeping me up by being busy

will I ever find true love

so we can support each other’s well-being?

I can do it all alone

flying solo is fine in theory

falling in love equates better

how will things compute for love to become a real feeling?

5 thoughts on “In Flight Entertainment

    • Thanks Meg, although the right one will come along when you least expect it always sounded like a cliche, I am realizing that it is true. I haven’t been ready for the relationship I want to have, but I am becoming more ready. Over the last year, I’ve gotten to know myself pretty darn well, and despite my random acts of goofiness I think I have great values and I also know what I am looking for in a partner at this point in my life. Yes, hope springs eternal….and hearing how you found love gives me that assurance that is does happen for real. Thanks – the doubt creeps in sometimes, your shining light cleared that up. Love, Harlon

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  1. Warm wishes that we all find our true love and soul mate. Till then we fly solo, happily, owing no one and being truthful to ourselves 🙂 Blessings and Garfield Hugs. May sleep engulf you soon to pleasant dreams.

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  2. I remember those thoughts. I was willing to fly solo for the rest of my life, rather than be someone who was not a good fit. I decided that If there was a good fit out there, it would be icing on my cake. I let God and the Universe know what I was hoping for, focused on friendship, and learned how to love myself better. Love came to me when the time was right. I hope there is some icing on your cake some day, at just the right time. ❤

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