Impure Thoughts


I was raking the leaves today

and thought for a moment about buying a leaf blower

instead of using a rake.

I swear, it was only for a moment.

21 thoughts on “Impure Thoughts

    • I sort of urged them in the general direction of my neighbour’s – but the wind changed. Karma? Nevertheless, I am 51 and still remain leaf-blower free. Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee. 🙂 Harlon

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      • … i hate the noise, I will not be able to use one 🙂 … moreover, if you leave the leaves on the grass, the grass doesn’t have enough light to grow fast in March, and spring will be easier …


  1. Only for a moment? Well, I guess that’s something we’ll have to keep between the two of us. I mean, I’m open minded enough to forgive a person for fantasizing about a leaf blower, but most people out there would side with the thought police and demand a public apology, followed by a legal lynching. No, wait a minute, you said a leaf blower? I was thinking you were talking about a grass blower. My bad. Forget I said anything. 😉

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  2. Harlon, the great news from the environmental community follows the wisdom of letting the weeds grow naturally to support the bees; it’s to NOT rake the leaves but instead to let them naturally decompose because they build the next layer of topsoil!!!

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    • Apparently moving the leaves is being promoted over raking, it mulches the leaves so they can decompose and return nutrients to the soil. At least that’s how I interpreted it, and I am sticking with it….it’s just hard to mow the lawn when the leaves are three feet deep. I think we’re good 🙂 Harlon

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  3. Very funny – we rake every weekend for almost four months (trees around here drop leaves at different times) and by the end of the second month I’ve had about enough. But what to do, except keep right on raking!!

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