Comfort and Joy (may include traces of Lite Brite)



A Christmas letter I would have written in Grade 2 resurfaces.

Times have changed.

What’s my hot wheel or some glow glob that I am missing from my life now?

18 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy (may include traces of Lite Brite)

  1. I’m pawing through your archives, haha! 🙂 Wandering aimlessly through the beautiful tapestry of your recent past.

    Do I bother you? mischievous grin

    I promise not to step on anything. And I won’t knock over any books or photographs! 🙂

    Oh, and I apologize in advance for the rambling reply I left you over in my secret garden. Haha!


    warm hugs

    Just Me

    P.S. Some day I’m going to have to tell you my real name. 🙂

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    • Thanks, I think Christmas is really for children or the children in us, so it does bring back memories of the simple things that gave us so much entertainment. I hope you and all those you care and love for have a Blissful Christmas and a Stellar 2016. xoxo Harlon

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  2. Lite Brite! I think the only other item I had on my list that year was the Etch-a-Sketch, Harlon, and a toy fire truck. Thanks for the memories– the innocence and the joy that were our hallmarks. It’s fun to look back and realize we’re different somehow, than we once were, and at the same time we’re precisely who we’ve always been.

    Happy Holidays, my friend!

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    • I can’t seem to send an attachment, in my mind I remember it as a bee on a string on wheels and as you moved it the winds fluttered and it made a buzzing noise. However, if I google it, well I was a bit nervous at first because you just never know where a “search” will take you. It seems it is an animal sounds book. I’d be happy with either 🙂 Happy holidays Tony, Harlon

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