Beautiful Pain


I don’t want to live a life where I spend all my time making lists of things to do

or spending my sleepless nights thinking who I could have been

or what I could have done

I could be doing other things than going through my pockets

looking for that dime

or checking my watch and thinking yes, it will all work out this time

the best present that I can give

is to put myself in neutral

and feel love

and be true to it.


16 thoughts on “Beautiful Pain

    • Thanks Serena – I am glad that this touched you. One of the great things about blogging is the connections I have established and I consider you a kindred spirit – so when we do connect it means a lot to me. We’ll chat more “off-line” and will be reading your permanent blog soon. Just getting over a rough spot. Love, Harlon

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      • Sorry to hear about the tough spot you are in, Harlon. If I can be there for you in any way, you know how to reach me, always. I’ve also considered you a kindred spirit from the very beginning! Lots of love to you, and hopefully we will talk soon! ♥ xx

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