Talking To Myself


I can have a conversation with myself

and it doesn’t have to turn into an argument.

12 thoughts on “Talking To Myself

  1. Hilarious and perfect, Harlon! The arguments are so unnecessary. Always be willing to compromise with yourself… Er… Well… uh? Anyway…!

    Grateful for your ever snappy and insightful lines!

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  2. Words of Wisdom. I Love the sculpture of the reluctant donkey/mule. Reminds me of an Old Gospel song.

    Hold My Mule by Shirley Caesar
    Shirley Caesar – Hold My Mule

    There was Balaam’s talking donkey

    Numbers 22:21-39

    Which gave birth to Francis the Talking Mule
    Francis the Talking Mule – Trailer

    Eventually this all turned into Mr. Ed!! 🙂 😀

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