All Bets Are Off


At first I noticed it and then I kept seeing it – right in front of me. There are things I just do and there are ways of being that I can’t help but just be.

As I move through another orbit of personal growth, I think that I am becoming more like me, if that is at all possible. It is a strange feeling but the best way to describe it is like trying to make an involuntary motion, voluntary.

As I explore, it feels like I am getting closer to living a life that is real and that has true meaning. With each exploration, I feel stronger, although very little, if anything has changed in my life. For me, power comes from reconnecting with my values and reconnecting the circuit between my mind and my body.

Each journey can become so complicated and dark at times and yet at the end of each orbit, I am in the same place and feeling the same feeling; unsure. That is just the way it is going to be. It is built into the process.

The simple lessons becomes tough, but that’s not what’s really going on here right now.

I will live a life of constant learning  and that awareness will not always feel the same but it is all that I have and it is the person I am.

So nurture him.

7 thoughts on “All Bets Are Off

  1. Hi Harlon,

    Have been away for a bit and getting caught up on your last few posts. I liked this line about becoming more of ourselves that you wrote (about yourself), “It is a strange feeling but the best way to describe it is trying to make involuntary motions, voluntary.” When I read that and thought about it for a minute, I had this feeling that what is instinctual– completely natural to us– becomes a discovery of ourselves. We discover something and we say, wow, this is part of who I am and then we accept it, and accept ourselves, and we expand somehow. This business of “who we are” becomes richer when we choose to be part of it…! That’s what I got and it is a lovely thought that our lives become richer when we participate in them…

    I’ve read the last few posts– the lackluster day and the traveling circles and the uncertainty. I have cycled back to uncertainty so many times, but feel a little like these lines you wrote about becoming voluntary. It’s a good feeling, and I think we cycle back to the start each time, strengthened from that mythical journey of going out and coming back, and eventually we discover there is little to be gained from resisting what we love to be and do… We learn a lot from our practice flights!


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    • Great comment Michael, and yes you picked up on something that I have found to be very simple, I suppose, but immensely powerful. which is the discovery that the parts of me that I feel need work, don’t actually need work, if I just relax then, they are there, they are already me and that going with the flow is a lot safer and a lot more fun than I had realized. Peace – and thanks again Michael, for bringing out the best in me when sometimes the lighting isn’t always favourable. Harlon

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    • Thanks Les, great to hear from you – hope your road trip is good for your soul and let’s make a point of chatting and catching up soon. Peace, Harlon


  2. Thank you – what a great comment to receive. With me and blogging, I sometimes just let my thoughts babble out and it often helps me understand that feeling of being “stuck” better. It’s very enriching for me when someone reaches back to me and says that they get it – for me, knowing that I am not alone in my thoughts is a big part of feeling “unstuck”. Wishing you a uplifting week and beyond. Peace, Harlon

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  3. Good morning, Harlon,
    I think Earth is a big school house. There are things we need to learn, having a mind, body and feelings. So it sounds like you are right where you are supposed to be. I always try to find the part that notices the mind, body and feelings. I find a lot of peace in that place. Thanks Harlon.

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  4. I love this blog ‘all bets are off” Im kind of stuck there now myself” in the nothingness , the way I interpreted your statement. Im stuck. Im there but Im stuck. Im much of a poet in my own life, Im not so sure I can put it into words though, as much as I can paint it. Just wanted to say I love what you wrote, I can resonate.

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