I’m Talking To You

or if I could, I would sing this to all of you.

7 thoughts on “I’m Talking To You

  1. Don’t take me there 🙂 I actually considering setting up a camera and filming myself singing this song while I tiptoed through the tulips but then realized I was mixing musical metaphors – and that fact that I cannot carry a tune. Hoping you have fun and see some beauty in today – and feel welcome to break out into tune – maybe a Whitney Houston medley. 🙂 Peace, Harlon

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    • Haha! More like Joni Mitchell (early days), or Patty Griffin, but yeah, maybe I just will! Will definitely see some beauty in today, thanks. 🙂

      I can’t believe you really have tulips blooming right now anyway, so no mixed metaphors to be had here. Sing! Out loud. Even if it’s just in your car with the windows rolled up. Unless you cycle everywhere or take public transportation. If that’s the case, I recommend the shower.
      Love (since that’s what the world needs now),

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      • I stand corrected, they aren’t tulips, but how about tip-toing through the dahlias. I do cycle everywhere – which has never stopped me from singing out loud – but (and oh, I hope this doesn’t make it to the tabloids 🙂 I do particularly enjoy singing in the fresh produced section of grocery stories. What The World Needs Now may not be the best choice whilst strolling amongst the zucchinnis but isn’t that how we make life so much fun, by having fun. Love, Harlon

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        • Yes! I love singing in the grocery store!
          Yes, that’s how we make life so fun, by having fun. 🙂
          I was on a boat once with a boy of about 10. We were taking turns being pulled on a tire tube behind the boat. After his turn, he (blue and shivering) said, “It’s fun having fun!!”
          Have you ever had anyone join you in song strolling amongst the zucchinis?
          Enjoy your day, Harlon.

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  2. Oh, come on Harlon. Sing to us!
    Thanks for the song. Is Dionne Warwick still around? I haven’t seen her in a while. I remember when this song came out. Totally ages me.
    Love to you today Harlon.

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