Around Again


I was stargazing tonight

and noticed that Orion was in the same spot

as he was when I moved two years ago.

I’d like to say that I’ve gone full circle

but it sometimes feels like

I am just spinning around in circles

again and again.

15 thoughts on “Around Again

  1. Orion was one of the first constellations I learned to recognize. I still remember being a third grader and being able to see it despite the light pollution of the city, and watching it night after night, for a full season, as it whirled in the sky, is something I return to at times. The perfect harmony of the big picture. Going in circles is good, given we are already complete. It’s like a great big waltz, in a way. Isn’t there something beautiful about coming back to where you started, and breathing a sigh of relief!

    Peace, my friend–

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  2. This reminds me of when I have to learn the same lesson again and again, but I tell myself I’m learning it in a different way and on a deeper level. Circles are magic, no matter how you look at it.

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  3. And I suppose…that spinning around and coming back to something you LOVE could be a very good thing 🙂 Hope you spent your time outdoors in nature and took in all the beauty Mother Nature gifts to us!! 💚💜

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    • Thanks Lorrie, isn’t it funny how I got so caught up in the context of “progress” and completely overlooked that if I am orbiting a place of love and simple pleasures. Then the feeling changes from spinning to embracing.
      Spending lots of time in nature and having a hoot! xoxo Harlon


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