The Still Of The Night


I am going nowhere.

There is no where for me to go.

21 thoughts on “The Still Of The Night

  1. Actually, you are going somewhere, all the time, no matter what! The Earth orbits, on average, 93 million miles (149,600,000 km) from the Sun (this distance is defined as one Astronomical Unit (AU)), taking one year to complete an orbit. The Earth revolves around the Sun at a speed of about 18.5 miles/sec (30 km/sec).

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    • Great perspective, kind of wants me to play my “stop the world, I want to get off” card for a second. Time to take time to do the things I love. Nature is always the best place to start. xo Harlon


    • Thank you Miranda, that’s a lovely way of reframing it. Nowhere can be a lot of diifferent tthings to different people, but yes, the calmness and safety of it is HOME. Blessings and gratitude, Harlon

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