Repeating My(self)


Don’t wait too long, I keep reminding myself.

Don’t wait until I am suffering before I do things that are good for me.

Don’t wait too long.

Don’t wait for the crash.

Don’t wait for the fall.

Don’t take things personally although it’s hard not to.

Don’t compare myself to others although it’s hard not to.

Don’t get myself caught up in the trap.

Don’t forget if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.

Don’t neglect my spiritual and mental well-being.

Don’t wait or stress will start to manifest itself physically.

Don’t wait until later, or now turns into never.

23 thoughts on “Repeating My(self)

  1. Start now, as you remind yourself.

    To do things that are good for you.

    Take steps, now.

    Before a crash that may not come

    Before the fall that offers rest

    Take things with a grain of salt although it may be hard.

    Be your unique and wonderful self, although it’s hard sometimes.

    Live free from the trap.

    Leave well enough alone. (Let it Be.)

    Nurture your spiritual and mental well-being.

    Take care and be well.

    Walk forward now

    For now belongs to you.

    (Hope you don’t mind me playing positive with your words.)

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    • Excellent observation Derrick. Now that I look back at the post, I could have condensed it to:
      “do things that are good for me”. Voila, you just made my life a lot easier. Thanks! Harlon

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