Rise and Shine

Most nights, I don’t get any sleep at all.

Then every now and then

I sleep for 16 hours

or more.

I find often I don’t sleep

it’s just that I don’t want to face it all.

With the rise

becomes the fall.

I’m tired and that’s the way it’s just going to be.

I wonder if what I am tired of

is me being me.

15 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. I slept for twelve hours once recently, and followed it up with a three hour nap. While it didn’t make for very sound sleep the next night, a number of ills went away overnight, and never came back. Sleep is a healer.

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  2. Sleep is such an individual thing. I know I stay up too late on the computer and wish I didn’t have to sleep. But I also know that there comes a point when too little sleep makes me extra moody, whether that’s irritable, depressed, or anxious, and I remind myself that I’m just plain tired. If you can’t sleep, at least practice your mindfulness meditation so your mind can rest a bit. Wishing you sweet dreams and big hugs.

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  3. I empathize and understand. I’ve had insomnia for years and I believe that it is not just hormones but linked to my battles with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Fortunately I have not had any recent panic attacks but many times I feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. Sometimes on the weekends I just do nothing but necessary chores then hand out in my backyard. Escape.

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  4. It’s your circumstances and depression plus other aspects I don’t know about. I believe when are able to undo the chains, move if want to, search for better self, you will continue to be a Survivor. A much more satisfied maybe not depressed Survivor.
    Hugs Harlon.

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