Things That I Saw Yesterday

A traffic jam on Highway 401

going the other way.

Fields of corn

and fields of hay.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Golden Rod and Cornflowers

in the wind they sway.

A dark an ominous storm

that arched behind me all the way.

The sun through the haze

dancing on the lake for the rest of the day.

Trees being cut down

cliffs being washed away.

A campfire

mesmerizing me as the flickers flay.

Lightning like a camera flash

so far away.

Lightning in forks

a storm kept at bay.

Suddenly the moon

as I relaxed and lay.

A few fireflies

flying not so far away.

I am glad

that I got away yesterday,

because these are a few of the things

that I saw that day.


31 thoughts on “Things That I Saw Yesterday

  1. Harlon overjoyed you spent time relaxing and having you time. There’s so much happening in your life, it needs to detox sometimes.
    I finally figured out the easiest way to reblog! I’m writing a post with WordPress instructions, but I have discovered the old way I did it.
    This should make rebloging no more than a couple of steps. Not this craziness we have felt with.

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  2. I’m so glad you got to see this beautiful tapestry and shared it with us! I have always loved Queen Annes’ Lace, but she is just one part of the tapestry. The few not so pretty parts fade in comparison to the wonders of creation if we know where to look.

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