I descended up the stairs into the darkness

to be aware of it all

happy ever after


and waiting for one to fall.

I returned to the lightness

but I felt dizzy

and I stumbled and fell

colliding with a concrete wall.

Yes, I stumbled

and it did not go well.

Battered and bruised,

I  was looking for goodness

but ended up feeling  more.

There I was was passed out on the floor.

With all that is going on in this world

and with what’s been going on with me

a sudden reality check on my health and reality;

physical, spiritual and mentally.

I looked forward to autumn

the way the gentle light falls tenderly,

but I think I am just at

the beginning of my fall.

12 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Harlon
    I care for you and think of you everyday. Life is complicated for you, it will pass. God doesn’t give us the green light but it to shall pass. I wish we could spend days together talking and maybe I could provide sunlight. I know on thing you would get plenty of from me, love and hugs.

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