Yesterday’s News

It wasn’t long ago that a lone person shot and killed 59 people in Las Vegas.

The rhetoric on the news was why would he do that,

yet I have yet heard a possibility for the reason why?

More recently a man rented a pickup truck and drove down a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center killing 8 people.

They say he has ties with ISIS, what does that mean and why?

Again, and more recently than that, at least 26 people were shot dead in a South Texas Church.


These events just become killings but I don’t feel I ever really get the answer as to why someone would do this.

What kind of society are we fostering?

Guns, hatred, untreated/diagnoses mental illness, entitlement?

Journalism is supposed to be about the 5 Ws

but we never learn why

sad to think these current events just become yesterday’s news.

16 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News

  1. Hello, my friend! You bring up a valid and important point. I have been dubbed the “why” girl by many who know mw…and as I am working hard to not NEED that answer, I think as a whole we need the answer to the questions you ask. I’m just not sure we will get the answers.

    On a lighter note I went to see the play “Disney’s Newsies” at our theatre the other night. Your photo so reminded me of the show! It was GREAT!!! 😁😁

    I hope you are well, Harlon. We will have to “catch up!” Many blessings I wish to you! 💜

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    • Hi Lorrie, nice to hear good news about the great time you saw at Disney’s Newsies. Maybe what we just need is more good news.
      I have been dubbed the “why” boy, what a fine pair of two peas in a pod we are.
      Yes, we will catch up. I hope things are fantastic in spite of the craziness that goes on. The violence is disturbing but what disturbs me is how desensitized we are becoming to it.
      I think I need a movie night out with a friend, just to laugh and talk, maintaining our own sanity is at least one step in the right direction.

      Heaps of love,

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  2. Why is the most important question to ask. They/we should study the similarities and differences between these events with hopes for prevention. Ever since the Columbine school shooting years ago, I’ve worried about copy cat killers, because the media focused on the killers in a way that put them in the spotlight. I wish they didn’t even show the killers photos. I wish they would dig into the whys and focused on the helpers.

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  3. Trump said there was any problem with guns, machine-guns and so on. The killers were only insane people.
    So, Thousand “Mental Disease Houses” (MDH) will be open soon to find the good answer in the USA.
    And thousand new “Guns House” (GH) will offer a gun for every citizen who says : “I’m afraid about all these insane people, and I need to protect my family and me !”

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  4. So truly said and I completely agree with you. Our journalist have never asked Why???
    The kind God society we are fostering and where our law and order stands are big questions in front of us.
    Hope we are able to overcome them soon.

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