Unearthed (a collaboration w/Mukund Pathak)

First and foremost, I highly recommend you check out Mukund's blog at https://livingsoul2016.wordpress.com

There are dreams that I get stuck in

and dreams I want to get out of

I guess that’s the difference between

hope and a nightmare.


But I know I can move around

and go looking for what I haven’t found

or else get stuck on what never was

going to or meant to be.


It may be a struggle but not a fight

I remain

confused, settling myself

and taking deep breaths


Being mindful of myself

imagining things which

could exist

with me and no one else


And mindless of things

that passed and their mindfulness

that pain, which

 didn’t let me sleep.


Seems to be fading, only

when those eyes are closed.

What kind of struggle is this?

It’s up to me to decide what was that and what this is?

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