I found myself a place

amongst loneliness

and rejection.

I decorated it 

in shades of fear

and doubt.

I thought I was driven there

but I walked there


24 thoughts on “Recalculating

  1. Sometimes life brings us to unexpected places. As you pass through the fire keep going.
    I know what it is to have lots of responsibility and obligations.
    Many times my juggling act has gone sour but remember that the storm is passing over. Life is cyclical and will turn around. God bless you.

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  2. I’m so happy that you can see the light peeping through the fog.

    As a writer who works from home, I spend most of my day alone. Over time, it became easy to isolate myself from disagreeable company. Losing my best friend in March last year has been a great blow to me. We used to meet once a month for lunch and chat over the phone. I am grateful for my writers’ critique group that meets once monthly to discuss our work in progress.

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    • It’s funny you should mention this, I think the two things I have learned over time are to always be grateful and to always exercise compassion. Your writings demonstrate you do the same. Peace, Harlon

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    • Coming from someone like you, that means a lot to me. Wait, I don’t know if I said that right, I think you are awesome to receive a compliment from you is an honour. Funny thing is I actually wrote this poem when I was 16 years old – everything old is new again, or nothing really changes. xoxo Harlon

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