Share The Road


Different emotions have different needs

but they are all passengers on the same bus.

The seats are not pre-assigned

but somehow they organize themselves

and they lead me

to motivation


and tendencies

and that is how I learn what is important to me.

They are built on an assembly line that is based on the mind/body experience.

By making room for them,

sadness or anger for example,

and letting them pick the aisle or window seat,

they can guide me

and I can find my way back into the richness of the experience of my life

and then

the route is safer,

the drive is smoother

and this life experience is less likely to feel like a head-on collision.

18 thoughts on “Share The Road

  1. I love the way you layed this out! With the first sentence I began to think about emotions. How I am emotionally driven in many ways. But I am so thankful for emotions because without them we are robots. My favorite emotion is happy btw.:) I hope you are well and I hope you are smiling lots! 🙂

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  2. I am so Glad and happy you are taking a much needed and deserved vacation. Cabin Fever is no good for anyone and fun in the sun is a wonderful remedy.

    Your blog posts offer insight and truth that few people have or express. You have a deep understanding of the human condition. Even though our residence and journeys are different I feel that we often cross paths. I stopped fighting my demons, made friends with them thereby throwing them off kilter. I’m pursuing my photography and art with more vim, vigor and vitality.

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    • It’s taking me a bit of time to find my groove, but the nice thing is I have an entire month, so I am not going to rush myself, but rather fall into the fine art of doing nothing. Hugs, Harlon


  3. Your last line, “and this life experience is less likely to feel like a head-on collision”, is so powerful and wise…my take-away is balance, something worth striving for each day! The photo of the bus brought back memories of hopping on the bus in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) to go exploring through the Vallarta Botanical Gardens!

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